About Yvonne

about yvonne

What makes someone decide to train for and run marathons on a regular basis? I guess it's a different story for everyone. I have always enjoyed sports and had competed in gymnastics, netball, track and field and bowling events in my school days in Singapore in Nanyang Girls' High School, Anglo-Chinese Junior College and the National University of Singapore.


2007 marked the start of my marathon running adventures. To be honest, I turned to running as an escape and an outlet for my frustrations and troubles. Then I decided that since I was running 3 times a week, I might as well set a goal of training for and running my first marathon. So that was it, I trained for 18 weeks and ran my first marathon in Brussels, Belgium on 14 October 2007. The first marathon would always be a special one for a runner and as I think back to that fateful day, I must say it was a mix of joy, excitement, curiosity and pain. Yes, running the 42.195 km or 26.2 miles of a marathon was painful but as I crossed the finish line, I knew that I would continue to run marathons.


I trained for and ran my second marathon around a year later in New York City in November 2008. The camaraderie of the 45,000 runners, running through the 5 boroughs of the city and the jubilant cheering from the 2 million spectators went beyond my wildest expectations. The race carried an additional significance to me as I ran the race as part of Fred's Team (a fundraising programme to raise funds for cancer research). I had ran the New York City marathon not just for myself, but for those who had believed in me and made donations to my fundraising campaign and most importantly for the benefit of cancer research.


Running has taught me a lot. Patience, commitment, perseverance, discipline, determination and humility are some of the values one has to embrace while training for and running marathons. A quote from Nina Kuscsik (the first woman to run in the New York City marathon, the first female winner of the Boston Marathon and a two-time winner of the New York City marathon) sums up what I love about running:

"Running gives freedom. When you run you can determine your own tempo. You can choose your own course and think whatever you want. Nobody tells you what to do."


Yvonne Elizabeth Chee