Saturday, 29 June 2013 08:15

Why I Run on a Treadmill

I'm probably one of the few runners who actually enjoy training on a treadmill. While it may be monotonous to some, the fact that I do not have to worry about oncoming traffic, other pedestrians, dog poo on the streets and weather conditions enables me to focus on my training and the specific targets. Tempo and pace runs, intervals and hills as well as long runs can all be done on the treadmill. Meanwhile, since I've learnt how to (i) read my Kindle and word documents while running and (ii) send SMS/whatsapp, I multi-task when I run now, i.e. I train, I catch up on reading work material or leisure reading and also stay in touch with family and friends through whatsapp. 


As work's been very hectic over the past few months (hence the relative silence  on the website), I've had to complete my long 20miles/32km runs on the treadmill while catching up on my reading for work and sneaking in some leisure reading. Spending 3hrs+ on the treadmill probably sounds insane to many but it actually works for me as I get to accomplish several tasks at the same time!! 


The long runs in the marathon training programme are always challenging but nevertheless they need to be done in order to train the legs to run for a long time.  These long runs are also a dress rehearsal for the actual 42.195km marathon and will help to build confidence ahead of the race. Getting through the runs may be difficult but at the end of them, it's just pure and simple joy PLUS of course, a nice good meal!


8 days to the 6th continent (South America) marathon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!!!



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