Monday, 05 August 2013 18:16

My 4 least favourite words - "Patellar Tendonitis" & "Osgood-Schlatter"

The left knee which started to hurt during the 6th continent marathon run in Rio de Janeiro has been diagnosed as patellar tendonitis (i.e. inflammation of the patellar tendon) which in simple layman's terms means I'm suffering from pain slightly below my knee cap and the area is tender and swollen. This coupled with the Osgood-Schlatter disease means I have to rest and not run, with the hope that the left knee would recover soon and the right knee would not start to hurt. Big sigh little tear...

15 weeks to go before the 7th and final continent marathon in Antarctica. I'm crossing my fingers that the enforced rest would do my knees good and that they would carry me through the marathon in Antarctica. 


photo 3



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