SOUTH-AMERICA - Rio de Janeiro Marathon, 7 July 2013

It was a hard-earned finisher's medal for the 6th continent marathon in Rio de Janeiro.  The totally unexpected 9-hr postponement of the Air France flight to Rio de Janeiro meant that I had barely sufficient rest as I had to run the marathon 15 hours after my arrival in Rio de Janeiro. Pain, cramps, fatigue, tears and self-doubt set in from the 11th kilometre mark of the race. For the first time ever, not finishing a marathon was a real prospect but I knew I had to push on for my dream and not to disappoint those supporting me. I recalled those who had donated to my fund-raising campaign for the elderly and I told myself to run the next kilometre in honour of the donor. The final timing of 4:19 is far from my Personal Best but I'm contented to have the 6th continent marathon in the bag.



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