AUSTRALIA - Blackmores Sydney Marathon, 19 September 2010


Running across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and crossing the finish line right next to the Sydney Opera House were definitely the highlights of the Blackmores Sydney Marathon. The course took us through many parks in Sydney (Royal Botanic Gardens, Hyde Park, Moore Park and Centennial Park) before heading to Circular Quay, then a 10km loop to an inner-city suburb of Sydney called Pymont, back to Circular Quay and then towards the finishing line.

The number of spectators, particularly in the parks, was relatively small and that did perhaps dampen the overall experience of the race. Nevertheless, with the landmark Sydney Opera House appearing before my eyes at the last stretch of the marathon, I mustered all the energy I could to complete the race and it was a great feeling to cross the finish line with a then-Personal Best timing. 


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